Development and Planning Services

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  1. Our Mission
  2. Our Responsibilities
  3. Our Core Values

Our mission is to offer the citizens of Dayton a safe and appealing environment in which to live, work and play through carefully planned, high-quality, well-constructed, and well-maintained residential and commercial buildings within the City.

This is accomplished through careful review and input of proposed development and permit applications, checking for compliance with all ordinances and local codes; and finally through inspection of all construction work done in the City of Dayton. We also provide staff support to the City's Planning Commission.

Comprehensive Plan

Dayton’s Comprehensive Plan reflects the work of just over a year-long planning and citizen involvement process resulting in the City’s first ever Comprehensive Plan. The plan’s findings and strategies focus on the physical and economic aspects of Dayton’s growth and development over a 20-year planning horizon. One goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to develop a unified vision, guiding principles, and “big picture” strategies that provide overarching guidance for current and future decision-makers. The implementation section helps to ground these recommendations in reality by prioritizing short-, mid-, and long-term strategies - with an emphasis on near-term “catalysts” that activate desired change.