Proposed Downtown Dayton TIRZ #2

The City of Dayton, Texas is considering implementing a tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ) to fund a portion of the infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with redeveloping Downtown Dayton. Many of the opportunities, challenges, and required improvements are outlined in the Downtown Dayton Revitalization Plan (2018) by Kendig Keast Collaborative. The proposed new zone would be named the TIRZ #2 – Downtown Dayton (TIRZ 2).

The proposed TIRZ #2 shall include approximately 194.3 acres (including roads and rights-of-way) of land, and shall have an approximate northern boundary at FM 1960/1008, an approximate eastern boundary at South Colbert Street, an approximate southern boundary at Houston Street, and an approximate western boundary at State Highway 146 South.  A map of the proposed TIRZ #2 and a listing of the properties included can be found on this page.  

The Dayton City Council will hold a Public Hearing regarding the creation of the Downtown Dayton TIRZ #2 on Monday, December 16 at their Regular Meeting at 6 pm, in City Hall, located at 117 Cook St. The general public is invited to attend the public hearing and give their opinions regarding the project. 

DRAFT Downtown Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Preliminary Project & Financing Plan


List of properties included in the proposed TIRZ #2