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Spirit of Christmas Parade

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  4. Please note the direction of the route has been reversed for 2019

  5. The entry fee is a VOLUNTARY fee only. The Dayton Police Department is asking that parade participants provide a new toy donation for the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department toy drive. All entry fees will be collected at the Dayton Community Development Corporation, 801 S. Cleveland Street. These donations will be presented to the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department by the City of Dayton. Again, the entry fee is VOLUNTARY only; you do not have to provide an entry fee to participate in the parade.*

  6. The parade will be Saturday, December 7, 2019, and will start promptly at 6 pm. All entries are to stage in the parking lot of the Football stadium, accessible from Hwy. 146 at the Wilson Jr. High bus entrance. Lineup order is determined by the City of Dayton parade committee and is subject to change before parade start time. *


  8. 1. The Spirit of Christmas parade is a family, entertainment event; any entries not in compliance with a family-friendly theme, as deemed by a member of the City of Dayton parade committee, will not be permitted to participate in the parade.*

  9. 2. All entries will stage in the parking lot behind the football stadium, which is accessible from Hwy. 146 at the Wilson Jr. High bus entrance. All entries must enter from here, if you enter from S. Cleveland Street, you will be asked to go around and enter from the designated entry spot on Hwy. 146.*

  10. 3. There will be specific line up spots. The City of Dayton parade committee will direct you to your designated position. These spots are picked by the City of Dayton parade committee for the best flow and visual effect and will not be altered in any way.*

  11. 4. The place to finish up your float for the parade will be the drop off area (see map). When the float arrives at the check in point (see map) it should be ready, otherwise you will be directed back to the drop off area. *


  13. 5. The City of Dayton parade committee will provide the official Santa and Mrs. Claus for the parade. Please do not include Santa or Mrs. Claus in your parade entry. You will not be allowed to participate in the event if someone in your unit is dressed as Santa or Mrs. Claus.*

  14. 6. All aspects of all entries, including towing vehicles, should be decorated as much as possible in a Christmas theme and should be designed for viewing from all sides.

  15. 7. All parade entries should have a sign/banner stating who the group/participants are. All banners/signs must be neatly lettered and legible and able to be viewed from all sides.*

  16. 8. All parade entries are encouraged to be dressed in Christmas/holiday attire and/or costumes. For the best impact, group participants are encouraged to dress in a common theme. Example: Cub Scout groups dressed in uniforms, church groups dressed in red shirts, etc. *

  17. 9. No throwing items from the parade floats. Walkers may be allowed to hand out items with prior approval from the City of Dayton parade committee.*

  18. 10. All walking parade entries must have at least one adult walking chaperone for every 10 people that will be walking. Example: 20 twirlers must have 2 adult chaperones walking with them. Walking entries must keep up the pace of the parade and stay at least 30 feet from the parade entry in front of you, failure to keep the pace slows down the rest of the parade behind you and causes breaks in the parade procession. *

  19. 11. All vehicles must be in good, legal, and working condition and operated by a licensed driver, over the age of 18, who is to remain with the vehicle from the beginning to the end of the parade.*

  20. 12. All motorcycles and ATV’s must stay on all wheels at all times during the parade.*

  21. 13. No use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or e-cigarettes will be permitted in the staging area or throughout the parade route.*

  22. 14. Handouts advocating, opposing, or pertaining to political, social or personal agendas; sexually suggestive or explicit materials are not allowed.*

  23. 16. Music is encouraged and must be Christmas themed unless pre-approved by the City of Dayton parade committee. Please keep music at a level that does not interfere with entries on either side of you and be prepared to adjust the volume if requested by the City of Dayton parade committee.*

  24. 17. Parade entries with high-intensity sound-making devices (fire sirens) are strongly discouraged to be used during the parade. The parade route proceeds through a neighborhood and could cause discomfort to others, as well as other parade participants.*

  25. 18. All parade participants should designate a person to be in charge of keeping up the pace of the parade and stay within 30 feet of the unit in front of you during the entire parade route.*

  26. 19. All parade participants with a motor vehicle and/or generator should be equipped with a fire extinguisher.*

  27. 20. All parade entries should arrive with a full tank of gas and be prepared with extra supplies to prevent from running out. This could include gas for generators, batteries, extension cords, water, etc. The parade starts at 6 pm and including staging time, could last up to 3 hours, so please be prepared.*

  28. 21. No participants may jump on a float to ride and may not interfere with any other parade entry in any way. No participants will dismount from a float during the parade route. Participants will not have body parts, particularly legs and feet, extending past the sides, front, or rear of the float. This is an extreme safety hazard.*

  29. 22. The City of Dayton parade committee reserves the right to remove any entrant from the parade either prior to assembly, while assembling, or any time during the parade. All parade entries must agree and comply with all rules in this package and abide by any instructions given by the City of Dayton parade committee while anywhere on-site in the staging areas and parade route before, during and after the parade.*

  30. 23. All parade entries and participants are encouraged to go to the Dayton Community Center after the parade for the rest of the Spirit of Christmas festivities being sponsored by the City of Dayton and the Dayton Chamber of Commerce. *


    For any questions regarding the 2018 Spirit of Christmas parade, please contact Tami Green at (936) 258-2642 or Jaime Hernandez at (936) 314-9882

  32. We understand that if we are approved to participate in the 2019 Spirit of Christmas parade, presented by the City of Dayton, Dayton Police Department and the Dayton Chamber of Commerce, we agree to hold harmless the City of Dayton, Dayton Police and the Dayton Chamber of Commerce and any other parade supplier from any and all injury or loss or resulting bodily injury or property damage to any member of this organization or third party, which results directly or indirectly from our participation in the 2019 Spirit of Christmas parade to be held in Dayton, Texas, on December 1st, 2019 at 6 pm.*

  33. By signing this contract we also agree that all members of our entry must abide by these rules and regulations and comply with all requests from members of the Dayton Police Department parade committee on the day of the parade, December 7th, 2019. If approved as a parade participant, I agree to abide by these rules and regulations established by the City of Dayton parade committee.*

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