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TABC Permit Information


Thank you for your interest in a City of Dayton Alcoholic Beverage Permit. The purpose of this document is to assist in making this process as easy as possible; however, if for any reason you have any questions, please call the City of Dayton at (936) 258-2642.

How to Obtain an Application for an Alcoholic Beverage License:

You may obtain an alcoholic beverage application in two ways: 

1) download an application at the following link:  http://www.tabc.state.tx.us or
2) pick up an application at TABC’s Houston Regional Office, 427 West 20th Street, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77008-2497, (713) 426-7979.

Obtaining Certifications from the City:

Once the application from TABC is complete, you will file a completed  original application with the City of Dayton, in person at, 117 Cook Street, 936-258-2642 or via mail to:

City of Dayton
117 Cook St.
Dayton, Texas  77535

City Inspections:

City Inspections must be undertaken to ensure that the license/permit sought is in compliance with City code and ordinances related to the sale of alcoholic beverages within the city limits.  City Staff will review and confirm code compliance required for the authorization of an Application for an Alcoholic Beverage License, these requirements being:

  • Verification that the location is within the city limits
  • Verification that the location is in a wet area for the license/permit you are seeking, and is not within three hundred (300) feet of a church, public school, or hospital

Completion of Inspections:

City departments will notify the City Secretary’s Office of approval.  The City Secretary will sign off on the TABC application and notify the applicant of certification.   The applicant will have the option to either pick up the application or mailed via regular ground mail.

Notify City Inspections Department upon receipt of State License:

Once you are in receipt of your state license, please provide the City Inspections Department with a copy and remit payment of related city fees, which is one-half (½) of the state fee. In addition, a Certificate of

Occupancy is required and can be obtained through the Permit Department at City Hall (936) 258-2642.

City of Dayton Alcoholic Beverage Permit:

Upon receipt of City fees and copy of State license, the City Inspections Department will process your payment and issue an Alcoholic Beverage Permit. This City permit must be displayed/posted with the State license at all times.

City Permit Renewal:

Each year, the City permit must be renewed.  Payment (cash or check) may be made in person at 117 Cook Street, or by mail. Upon State license renewal, please submit a copy to the City Inspections Department.

Notification of Changes:

The City Inspections Department must be notified of any change of name, owner, type of license, or closing of business.


For TABC application questions, please contact the Houston Regional Office at (713) 426-7979.  For questions that pertain to the City of Dayton Alcoholic Beverage Permit process, please contact the City at (936) 258-2642.


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