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Human Resources

The City of Dayton Human Resources Office is responsible for employee relations, staffing and classifications, compensation and benefits, organizational learning and development, job-specific training, and health and wellness.

Why the City of Dayton? 



The City of Dayton is a fast-growing organization committed to making Dayton a wholesome, business friendly, and dynamic community. 

With over 100 employees, the City of Dayton Government offers a full range of services to residents and beyond. These services include water, sewer, waste collection, public safety, streets, parks and more.

In order to fill that mission, we're looking to hire superheroes. You don't need traditional super powers like being able to leap tall buildings, but you do need creativity, innovation, and a talent for teamwork. 

If collaboration, serving the community and thinking outside of the box are  your super-powers, we want you!

How to Apply

All City of Dayton open positions are posted to our website. If you don't see something that you're interested in, check back frequently, as positions open and close. 

Current Openings


Human Resources

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Dayton, TX 77535