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Dayton Texas


Roy Rodriguez, Public Works Director email
Cecilia Botello, Public Works Administrative Assistant email
Murphy Green, Facilities Maintenance Coordinator email
Thomas Rodgers, Assistant Director Utilities email
Ty St. Romain, Assistant Director Streets & Drainage email
Tracie Patterson, WWTP Director email
Valarie Cumberland, GIS / Project Manager email

Main Office:
(936) 258-2642

1408 N. Winfree StreetIMG_0011
Dayton, Tx 77535

The Public Works Department provides a quality environment for the City of Dayton and ensures that the city's parks, roadways, and streets are safe, clean, and attractive. They also provide a quality water and sewer system to residents and businesses.

The City of Dayton provides our residents with the highest quality life possible. We are committed to making Dayton a wholesome, business-friendly, and dynamic community. We succeed in this mission by taking pride in our SHINE principles.

Public infrastructures include:
  • Building MaintenanceIMG_1070
  • Facility Landscaping
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Parks and Facilities
  • Residential Collection Station
  • Streets and Drainage
  • Water and Wastewater

For concerns about major safety hazards that need immediate attention after hours, please contact the Dayton Police Department at 936-258-7621 and the Street Department will be notified.